Avalon II slot – search for the grail and other treasures

Avalon II slot

The legends associated with the name of King Arthur does not cease to excite different generations of fans of adventures era of knights and wizardry. Another outstanding slot machine made on this theme is the slot Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail. Just to remind you, Avalon is a beautiful fairy-tale island with which King Arthur’s fate was inextricably linked, and the Grail is the sacred cup that grants all sorts of benefits. We want to present a review of Avalon II, because this slot machine really deserves a close look.


Usually the developers of online casino software announce their novelties shortly before their appearance on online gambling platforms. But this time Microgaming decided to present their new slot Avalon game more than a month before its appearance at online casinos. Company representatives decided that this slot has all chances to become one of the most popular among players.

Avalon II slot online

Avalon II video slot offers players to go in search of the Grail along with the four main characters of the cycle of legends about King Arthur. These are Arthur himself, his wife Guinevere, the wizard Merlin and the fairy Morgana. All the characters of Avalon II are beautifully and qualitatively animated. You will have the opportunity to admire their movements when the symbols form winning combinations.


The slot offers 243 winning combinations, but that’s not all. Players will enjoy eight different bonus games. These games are located on several “trails” to the Grail, with the player having to choose the trail with the bonus games that they like. Here are the names of these games and their features. “Lake of Legends” offers a game of dice. “Misty Valley” gives you 15 free spins and the option to choose an additional wild symbol. In “Whispering Woods,” the mysterious White Knight will offer you a choice of five shields. “Forest Shaft” and “Morgana’s Fortress” each provide 20 free spins and special wild symbols. In “Sandy Swamps” you’ll get a prize if you pick up the same helmets. In “Hall of Shadows” you’ll unlock the Grail if you defeat the Black Knight. Finally, in “The Isle of Avalon” you’ll spin the wheel of fortune and find out your true winnings.

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The Avalon II video slot has been in development for two years, which really didn’t go in vain. This slot machine impresses with realistic and detailed 3D graphics, quality sound and unique and exciting bonuses. You can recommend this exciting 3D slot to any player, and no one will not be disappointed by its design or bonus features.

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